Revo Brands Announces Acquisition of Outdoor Edge Cutlery  

  December 16, 2021 – Revo Brands, the parent company of Real Avid, has now added Outdoor Edge Cutlery to its family of consumer brands. Revo Brands operates in partnership with Vertikal Brands, a holding company established by Clearview Capital in partnership with, and managed by, a group of outdoor industry executives, to pursue the acquisition of premium brands in the outdoor industry. The transaction closed on November 4, 2021. 

Outdoor Edge is a leading manufacturer of premium knives and hand tools purposely designed for outdoor enthusiasts and professional tradesmen. David Bloch founded Outdoor Edge in 1988 and for 33 years has led the continuous growth of the company. His passion for innovation and excellence has resulted in a diverse portfolio of patented, award winning, performance-driven knives and tools that a wide range of consumers have come to know and trust. David will play a key role in continuing the success of the Outdoor Edge brand and products. David commented, “I never imagined that Outdoor Edge would evolve from my college knife design project at Colorado School of Mines into the leading cutlery brand of hunting knives, replaceable blade knives and home processing sets. This is a very exciting time for both me and my family as I pass the leadership torch onto Revo Brands. I’m grateful for the opportunity to assist with Outdoor Edge’s future through my passion for designing innovative knives and collaborating with our newly expanded team to take Outdoor Edge to the next level of growth for many years to come.” 

Outdoor Edge will maintain an office and staff in Denver Colorado and relocate warehousing and distribution operations in the Spring of 2022 to the Revo Brands facilities in Plymouth, MN with no disruption of operations anticipated. 

Headquartered in Plymouth, MN, Revo Brands’ mission is to ignite growth in enthusiast and mission critical brands through superior innovation, design, and marketing. It designs, develops, and supplies innovative accessories for shooting enthusiasts under the Real Avid brand. With a focus on the do-it-yourself (“DIY”) segment of the shooting accessories industry, Real Avid has built a reputation for premium, high-quality cleaning and tool accessories designed with the end user in mind. Since its founding in 2008, the Company has experienced rapid growth resulting from a relentless focus on exploiting existing market gaps while also creating entirely new product categories. Central to their success is a laser-like focus on improving the consumer experience with professional grade tools for cleaning, maintaining, building, and modifying firearms. Real Avid’s consistent introduction of new, differentiated products earns significant loyalty from consumers and retail partners nationwide. 

The recapitalization of Revo Brands in October of 2020, and now the addition of Outdoor Edge, by Clearview Capital’s Fund IV and the strategic partnership with Vertikal Brands is intended to build on Revo Brand’s market momentum by providing additional resources to support the company’s growth and category expansion initiatives. This includes seeking out additional like-minded companies who may want to join the Revo Brand family.  

“I couldn’t be happier having Outdoor Edge join our family of brands,” said Roy Wetterstrom, CEO of Revo Brands. “We’ve admired the company for many years and feel privileged to be able to lead it through its next stage of growth.” 

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with David Bloch and his outstanding team to bring Outdoor Edge into our family of brands,” added Jim Gianladis, Chief Executive Officer of Vertikal Brands and Chairman of Revo Brands. “The Vertikal team’s industry experience and focus on growth are a perfect complement to the strong foundation and great teams of people behind Revo and Outdoor Edge, which collectively will undoubtedly prove to be a formula for success.” 


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